Note of Appreciation

Charmaine Burke, Founder & Training Director - Art of CommunicatingThank you for your comments and constructive feedback.

We are continually monitoring and developing new and unique training experiences for our clients because all our trainers are passionate about learning, speaking and improving communication.

Every training workshop has its own dynamics which we find stimulating and creative, so it has been a pleasure to share these experiences with you.

Charmaine Burke
Training Director,
Art of Communicating
, The Power of You

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From public courses, business training and 1:1 coaching sessions


Public Speaking in Canberra - Dept of IndustryLearning different types of delivery methods, like tone and how to use body language, was amazing. I also really like the powerful opening technique - A.TT.I.C.S.
I really enjoyed this training!

Don Shin, Dept of Industry
Public Speaking Course

Thank you Charmaine. It's beeng a pleasure learning from you! You have a wealth of knowledge and it's fantastic that you are able to pass it on! I have definitely learnt a lot about public speaking, structuring a speech, understanding body language and vocal expression. Great venue too.
Elona Hanner, QinetiQ Commerce Decisions, Canberra


Personal public speaking tuition coach CanberraGreetings from Addis Ababa!
I'm just writing to say thanks. I was at a conference this week and had to be first speaker of a debate were 98% of the 200 member audience didn't agree with me, but I found the angels, prepared well and followed your guidance. I nailed it!

Everyone was talking about how convincing I was. I had so many people come up to me to tell me what a great job I did and how they found themselves agreeing with me. It was a tough topic but I feel the Jedi speech skills I learnt with you held me in good steed.

It was an important networking conference for me and now everyone will remember me. Thank you for imparting your skills so well.
Dr. Kristie Drucza, Gender & Social Development Specialist,
Canberra Personal Training


Business Training Course

During our business training course, I was able to speak off-the-cuff more confidently than I thought possible, giving me more confidence to speak in small and medium goups. I really enjoyed all the activities and the Trainer's eager teaching.
C McCaughan, Realestate Training Academy
In-House Business Training


I'm really grateful! I learnt so much about myself and my communication skills including:J Minnett

  • Learning the art of active listening
  • How to remove word fillers
  • Confidence in my own articulation
  • Stronger pronunciation
  • Improving my delivery
  • Using your sales approach on churn calls
  • Understanding & knowing how to respond to partners in business

Jess Minnett, Receipt Bank - Personal Business Training


J Bold Canberra Public Speaking CourseAt your course I felt very comfortable in an area that I'm normally extremely hesitant about - public speaking. Well done!

The critique of my current patterns, outlining what worked and what didn't was very useful since no one has analysed my public speaking techniques before.
Joshua Bold, Financial Integrity
Canberra Public Speaking Course


Canberra Public Speaking Course

Charmaine you put me at ease from the outset. You have really useful knoweldge to impart. The filming, watching speeches back and constructive feedback from the class was really useful. The speech framework you provided was excellent!
B Muscat-Bentley, CSPU ACT Regional Sec.
Canberra Public Speaking Training



Personal Speech TuitionI was extremely happy with the results of 1:1 tuition. I used the stage as you suggested; Anchored negative and positive stories; Fed off the attention of the audience to boost confidence.
The CEO of my company congratulated me on my speech, saying it was like a professional TED talk!

T Tealey, TFE Hotels
Personal Tuition on Speech Writing and Performance


The trainer was great!
S Bauer - Canberra Public Speaking CourseThis was by far one of the most interestingly run technical training course I have ever attended. I found the strategic methods of the A.TT.I.C.S. opening technique, various speech structures and the S.Q.A.C. closing techniques, all extremely useful.

Shaun Bauer, Aftersow Software
Public Speaking Canberra

K Fletcher - public speaking trainingCharmaine, my public speaking coach, was very supportive and provided confidence building techniques ranging from body language to structure of words and thoughts.
I felt safe and gained a feeling of power and authority.

Kathy Fletcher, NSW State Mgr, Radiation Oncology
Public Speaking Course Sydney

Your training was extremely beneficial and relevant to enable me to create and deliver an Jeanette, Personal Public Speaking Coachingamazing speech in China, including:

  • ATTICS opening technique
  • SQAC closing technique
  • Structures and frameworks
  • Learning to use powerful language
  • Standing powerfully
  • Expressing myself as an expert and leader

J Jackson, Security Operations Mgr, Thales
Personal Tuition Sydney


Public Speaking training in Canberra - Dept AgricultureThe voice exercises, using body language and being filmed re-doing my presentation was most challenging. To practice up the front and receive feedback from Charmaine, the trainer, and other participants was really terrific.
S Joseph, Assistant Director, Trade & Negotiations - Dept Agriculture, Canberra



Very effective public speaking training for our youth. They will be able to use the information and practical experience in many situations to present at their best. e.g. speaking up at school, community groups, job interviews and even social situations!
The surprise for us all was the importance of non-verbal communication - body language and vocal expression. This was a valuable learning opportunity for them to think about different communication styles and act it out in a fun, supportive environment.

S. Lucius, Youth & Family Development Officer, Northern Beaches Council


N Ellis - Group Presentation TrainingI just wanted to thank yo again for such an amazing workshop last Friday! The participants go so much out of it. I can't wait to see how their project presentations are imparted when they present at the end of our program. The advice and tips you gave them in the morning session was extremely beneficial to all.
Nat Ellis, Verge Collaborative Limited
Group Presentation Training

lisa Charles Dept of Employment CanberraThank you for everything, your course has been and will continue to be life changing to me, opening my eyes to the world of public speaking.
My event went smoothly and the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. I felt confident and I got wonderful applause. It was a very positive experience and I am looking forward to another opportunity to MC or public speak.

Lisa Charles, Senior Indigenous Advisor, Dept of Employment Public Speaking Course Canberra

Personal public speaking coaching in CanberraThis training was perfect for taking me from a mid level-manager to a leader who speaks with influence. Definitely top marks in all areas of public speaking. Thank you.
Kristie Drucza, Gender & Social Development, Canberra
Personal Tuition Canberra


Business Presentation TrainingLoved the group interaction.

  • Excellent training on sales presentations;
  • Planning for more effective sales visits;
  • Overcoming objections;
  • Asking better questions;
  • Role-playing and improving our presentation style with your A.TT.I.C.S. and S.Q.A.C. techniques.

EG Sales Team Training Sydney


Sales Presentation and public speaking skills SydneyOur sales team enthusiastically applied your techniques in their presentations and immediately had a dramatic increase in sales at our recent product presentation.

You are our 'secret weapon'!

E Davies, S. T. - Sales Business Training Sydney


Speak with Confidence SydneyI loved the course and found learning how to structure my speech, listen, be assertive, use body language and voice, very useful.
We were able to practice everything we learned straight away and then implement in our lives and see results!!!
I met some very nice, interesting people at the course and I am now equipped with tools to speak confidently in various work/life situations.
I have already recommended the course to my colleagues.

Iwona Abramowicz - Speak with Confidence Sydney


Speak with Confidence - Public Speaking SydneyGREAT experience, great environment and a well worth the investment.
I liked the constructive feedback, learning in a safe environment and trying new things that I normally wouldn't risk doing.

Most people hate public speaking and would pay a lot of money to learn and improve - I think you should even charge more for your sessions!

James Kinch - Public Speaking Sydney



Sales training and public speaking skillsAll information was extremely useful, good amount provided. Thank you for a most valuable course.
I found your A.TT.I.C.S. opening technique and S.Q.A.C .closing technique really useful. It was a very eye-opening experience and a learned a lot.
Feeling much more confident after today's training!

Sales group training - Sydney

K GeeCharmaine, thank-you for a fantastic course.  I really enjoyed the layout and feeling of comfort of the course.  I feel it had a lot of content but not too much to overload my brain.  Thank-you! I would highly recommend this to anyone.
Karen Gee - Mrs Australia
Speak With Confidence



M OBrienYour A.TT.I.C.S. opening technique is so useful. I can see the audience are very engaged and I feel I have their trust much more now from the beginning.
It's made such a difference. I've been giving an overview and an outcome at the beginning of each session and I LOVE it.   
It feels organised, clear and I feel like I'm being respectful of the audience's journey - letting them know what we're doing and why.
Since I have been applying your communication principals in my teaching, I'm now receiving extra compliments on being articulate.
Melli. OBrienMrsMindfulness
Personal Public Speaking Tuition

J SangsterBecause of your interactive training I am now:

  • Structuring my speeches
  • Using opening and closing techniques
  • Cutting out all the waffle
  • Focusing on the audience - what they want to hear and delivering on their expectation

It was great to have a partner to work with, rather than being taught. Thank you! Your help was invaluable. Would love to do more work with you.
J Sangster, CEO ADMA - Personal Speech Tuition


Dr BettyThe one to one training for the past 2 days has been really, truly fruitful and honestly, Charmaine Burke is an expert in her own right. God bless her work!!
She is naturally gifted, so I just pray that she can continue to help many others like me.
Dr B Haiverava-Laufa, Papua New-Guinea
Speech & Presentation Training


Personal speech tuition in canberraMy wedding was a perfect day and I'm pleased to report that I delivered my speech as planned and filled with confidence to rave reviews!

Couldn't have done it without you :-)
A Hurell, Personal Speech Training Canberra



Speak With Confidence Course SydneyVery supportive and motivating course. Loved Charmaine's attitude. Great teacher. Right energy and articulative. The whole 5 weeks journey has been excellent. Learned the great techniques to communicate, to speak, to lead and take control when put on the spot.
Asma Chauhan- Speak With Confidence Course


Public Speaking Course Canberra I gained in every aspect and found it really useful to put what I learned into use immediately. I will use it in every day and in every aspect. Great course.
J Hetherington, General Manager - MK Floors - Public Speaking Course Canberra


Public Speaking Canberra - Immigration and Border ProtectionI got out of my comfort zone and learned how to prepare and delivery an engaging presentation and practical tips for more confidence. I learned so much, it was all great!
J Howlett, Assist Director - Immigration and Border Protection,
Canberra Public Speaking Course


L Bassett - public speaking trainingI have received excellent praise about my presentation as a guest speaker at the Forum for Mental Health in Sydney as a result of my public speaking tuition with you. 
The coordinators congratulated me on my presentation saying that it was of a very high caliber, gave a great insight to mental health, received fantastic comments from the audience, and was certainly a highlight of the forum because it was so very well received.
Laurie Bassett, General Manager - Partners in Recovery
Sydney Public Speaking Training


dfat canberraMy presentation went very well, in no small part due to your expert tuition - thanks!

My speech was very polished, and very well received.
I now feel that I know what I am doing and what I should be aiming for.

DS, DFAT Canberra


Sales TrainingThank you for the training session yesterday. I know we got a lot out of your processes, and clarity in understanding our audience in order to speak to their needs. Much appreciated!
A Crichton, GM Evergreen Tours


Speak With Confidence 2016I received techniques for all situations and speech structure to follow which helps me to know what to concentrate on while preparing and talking.
I definitely have enough skills to continue to speak confidently now.

Speak With Confidence Course Participants - Feb 2016


S Abrahams In-House Public Speaking Training in SydneyThe feedback about your Presentation Training has been excellent. The team was very positive about the session, its content and the fact they were skilled instead of subjected to death by Power-point!  Success all round, I would say!
I used the breathing and stance techniques the next day to increase my confidence before fronting a presentation of my own. Clearly your techniques worked. I have been told by several people that I was easily the best speaker of the day!  THANK YOU!

S Abrahams - Editor in Chief, Law and Business - CCH
In-house business presentation workshop


Travel Presentation SkillsI highly recommend working with Art of Communicating. Having presented for over 10 years it was so beneficial to get some key professional tips/tricks to be able to improve my presentation and sales techniques. I am looking forward to my next presentations to apply what I have learned and the 1 on 1 coaching was fantastic.
I really enjoyed the friendly professional coaching I received. I recommend that you don’t hesitate to book some coaching in today if you are thinking about it.

Emma Davie, National Sales Manager - Scenic Tours
In-House Presentation Training


J BatchelorI thought the training and presentation ideas were great. Charmaine's style and her ability to identify and work with each individual’s strengths in a short time period is fantastic.

The training definitely helped me focus my delivery and added another 10% to our Universal Sony Launch.
Jim Bachelor, Managing Director, Universal Sony
Personal Group Tuition


K MarieGetting in front of a camera and speaking for the first time was very challenging, then I found it fantastic!
My personal speech coach, Charmaine Burke, was supportive, empathetic and made the training fun.

I learned how to communicate to various audiences and successfully promote my book and my message. Excellent!
Kate Marie, Public Speaking & Author of Fast Living, Slow Aging
Personal Speech Tuition


J VerstedenA very valuable day, individually and as a group. The personal development was huge! Most beneficial to me was learning how to add more structure to my speeches and developing body language skills.
Great group interaction, peer group support and reviews, logical, common sense approach and very relevant public speaking tips. I have seen huge growth in the group.
John Versteden - Chairman - GippsDairy, Victoria
In-House Public Speaking Training


C Loga and C PrestifilippoCharmaine you were an absolute delight. You are great coach/teacher
Catherine Loga, National WHS and Facilities Mgr - Hoyts Entertainment

Great trainer and course. I really enjoyed all aspects. The day went quickly and it was definitely worthwhile. I learned about structuring and presentation efficiency, how to improve delivery and boost confidence.
Charlotte Prestifilippo, Communication & Marketing Mgr - Atradius
Public Speaking Sydney



D CollinsThe Speak With Confidence course gave me the opportunity to practice speaking each week, get feedback and work the improvement into each new week's speech. I developed vocal expression, began to act out my speeches and shake off any inhibitions.
Thinking on my feet and responding to impromptu questions was a challenge, but the level of encouragement was great and the training helped to improve my results.
Thanks, the course was great!

D. Collins, Head of Marketing & Communications - Powerhouse Museum
Public Speaking Confidence Course


Council Training - presentation skillsI have undertaken similar courses before but none of them equipped me as well as your training to handle public speaking. Thanks Charmaine.
Matt Bull, Manager Customer Services & Communications - City of Newcastle Council
In-house public speaking training


E RichardsonArt of Communicating boosted me to a new level. No matter how experienced I thought I was as a communicator, Charmaine and her associates taught me so much more - effortlessly & effectively.

I was astounded how quickly I changed. There is no substitute for the professionalism, quality and respect they offer to their clients.
E Richardson, Director - Thanks 4 Pty Ltd.
Personal Speech Tuition


Charmaine Burke is an inspirational leader, developing and delivering unique training programs and organizing events with great success.

M E ChidzeyShe has the ability to lead her team in an inclusive and consultative manner. She is a very generous, warm person, able to encourage people to perform tasks so they may see beyond their capacity. Because of her inspirational, friendly, professional manner, she is a wonderful mentor.
Maria-Elena Chidzey, SCGD, CS, JP - Multicultural Consultant
World Champion Speakers Workshop



Business Presentation TrainingHighly interactive. This is a course where you have to contribute. You are engaged and it is designed to test the boundaries of your comfort zone. The role play and exercises with the speeches was challenging and rewarding. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!
Fiona Leatham, Project Manager - City of Newcastle Council
In-house Business Training


D-R GuptaCharmaine was very cooperative and enjoyable to work with. It was very beneficial to gain confidence to speak in public.
Deepak-Raj Gupta - Chairman of Board, Canberra India Council
Canberra Public Speaking Course



Presentation TrainingChange! I struggle with change but loved what we covered in the training today. The full day was excellent and I am really taking a lot away from it.
Cathy Page, Sales Manager - Scenic Tours
In House Business Presentation Training


Sarah DThank you, thank you and thank you some more!! Not only have I gained so much confidence, I had the best time doing it :)
Course objectives exceeded.

Sarah D - Public Speaking

G KentCommunication skills improved dramatically and confidence ZOOMED! Great inspiring tutor - motivating - great set of people, all encouraging and enthusiastic. Loved it!
Gina Kent - Public Speaking


A ChoyI liked the feedback and the skills I can take away and use. As painful as it was, getting LOTS of practice presenting a speech was extremely beneficial. Very good job. Everybody should do this course.
Andy Choy, Drilling Supervisor - Exxon Mobil
Public Speaking Sydney Course


E DavieAfter your personal training, our sales/product manger is doing great, getting lots of bookings, has done 6 presentations and is feeling more confident. His coordinator watched him and said he was excellent. I asked many of the clients after they saw his presentation and they all thought it was great. His knowledge and passion comes across and he has really taken your training on board.
Thank you - another personal up-skilled to present professionally!
E Davie, National Sales Manager - Scenic Tours
In-house business presentation training


M Morton, Public Speaking SydneyFantastic course and Charmaine is a beautiful person and great coach, can't believe how much we all learned!
Mitchell Morton, Sydney Swans
Sydney Public Speaking Course

I found that structuring my speech with your A.TT.I.C.S. and Core Message techniques really useful. It helped the speech to write itself. Great course!
Jeremy - Canberra Public Speaking Course


R Hart - wedding speech tuitionI have had many complements since the wedding on my speech which is so pleasing, considering this time last year I could not have imagined myself address an audience at all. Most importantly, on the day, I was not nervous or anxious about the speech so I was able to fully enjoy the entire day not just (as I’ve heard from other grooms) only being able to relax after the speeches are over.

I owe this entirely to yourself and your course, which gave me the tools as well as the confidence in my speech writing ability and assuredness in my delivery to make the day absolutely perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. 
R Hart, Happily Married Man!
Wedding Speech Coaching & Training


ScenicTours In-House TrainingI'm excited! We received wonderful content for a 1 day course. Excellent - I look forward to our next course.
Leanne Wilmot, Sales Manager - Scenic Tours
In-House Presentation Training


Professional Presentation TrainingOur in-house professional presentation training taught us all how to speak confidently in front of an audience. We have made a huge improvement over the past 2 days.
Baiada Poultry
Professional Presentations Training


Speak With Confidence Course - Public Speaking Confidence Training Sydney 2012The technical aspects of speech writing and how to delivery a speech without referring to notes was extremely useful. I liked the practical experience and the evaluations the most. I don't think anything can be improved - all the ingredients were there to make this training very effective for me.
Peter Masters, Public Speaking Training Sydney


A VanlimbeekThe training was just right for me. The small class size meant we all got lots of practical experience and coaching. I now know how to achieve my speech objectives, stay on track and improve my public speaking confidence.
Adam Vanlimbeek, Comcare Aust Gov.
Public Speaking Canberra


learn to overcome public speaking nerves SydneyI've always been terrified and have now learned it's not that bad. Public speaking isn't so scary. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just what I needed to get out of my comfort zone. Charmaine, well done. This has been life changing!
Moses Karekinian - Public Speaking Sydney


B HoiThank you so much for being the Master of Ceremony at our all-day Seminar 'FIND PEACE NOW' on Saturday 24th March 2012. It was wonderfully received and many people commented on your professionalism and energy, guiding us through a day filled with 5 different speakers, connecting everybody with great charm and a sense of humour. I was very impressed with the amount of work you put in beforehand too and thus improving our event. Cannot thank you enough.
Barbara Hoi, Director, Sydney Dyslexia/Autism


M LegazI delivered my speech to accept an Order of Civil Merit of Spain at Parliament House to most distinguished dignitaries, the Ambassador to Spain, Consul General of Spain, and many NSW Parliamentarians. It was thanks to you and the way you helped me to write my speech, that gave me the personal confidence to deliver it.
Many in the room came up to me and said “What a Speech!” I have to say there were not many dry eyes in the room when I was finished. The applause went on and on. Even the Consul's wife came up to me and said how amazed she was I could deliver my speech through tears. I felt I did justice to our Spanish Association and it is thanks to you.
Maria Legaz, Order of Civil Merit Spain Award

Personal Speech Tuition


In-house business public speaking training - GippsDairyThis public speaking training provided good practice for potential real-life activities. Although writing and re-doing the speech was challenging, it gave great grounding to be able to talk about GippsDairy. Good group, good trainers and very good coaching.
Matt Gleeson - Deputy Chair, GippsDairy Board

What was most useful to me is to know what speech structure to use when preparing my speeches and the actual practice. I liked the very supportive and individual feedback.
D Auldist - Dr, Executive Officer, GippsDairy Board
In-House Presentation Communication Training