Getting in front of a camera and speaking for the first time was very challenging, then I found it fantastic!

My personal speech coach, Charmaine Burke, was supportive, empathetic and made the training fun. I learnt how to communicate to various audiences and successfully promote my book and my message. Excellent!

Kate Marie, Public Speaker & Author

What worked with my personal public speaking skills training?
Learning how to structure my speeches; Opening and closing techniques; How to cut out all the waffle; Focus on the audience - what they want to hear and how to deliver on the expectation.

What did I like?

The training was very interactive, It was great to have a partner to work with, rather than being taught
Thank you! Your help was invaluable. Would love to do more work with you.
J Sangster, CEO - ADMA

I was extrememly happy with the results of my personal training. I used the stage as suggested; Anchored negative and positive stories; Fed off the attention of the audience to boost my confidence.
The CEO of my company congratulated me on my speech, saying it was like a professional TED talk!
T Teale, TFE Hotels

I have had many complements since the wedding on my speech which is so pleasing, considering this time last year I could not have imagined myself address an audience at all. Most importantly, on the day, I was not nervous or anxious about the speech so I was able to fully enjoy the entire day not just (as I’ve heard from other grooms) only being able to relax after the speeches are over.

I owe this entirely to you and your course, which gave me the tools as well as the confidence in my speech writing ability and assuredness in my delivery to make the day absolutely perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.
R Hart, Wedding Speech Coaching & Training

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Personal Tuition - Sydney and CanberraPERSONAL TUITION


Sydney & Canberra



"It is not what we learn in conversation
that enriches us.

It is the elation that comes of swift contact
with tingling currents of thought."

Agnes Repplier


Personal Training & Coaching

Personal tuition provides a 1:1 coaching program to help you with your public speaking and presentation skills.

The program is designed to fit in with your schedule, location and requirements.

We will work with you to design special speeches or presentations, and assist you to deliver it with style and confidence.

Personal tuition will assist you with:

  • Public speaking
  • Keynote presentations
  • Weddings and private occasion speeches
  • Sales pitches & product presentations
  • Designing authentic leadership stories
  • Communicating in teams & business situations
  • Special event presentations

Personal tuition & coaching is kept confidential and delivered in a supportive, friendly and encouraging manner.

It is a highly effective way to target your strengths and improve your skills.


Options Available


Split Day TrainingSplit-Day Training

2 x 4 hr sessions

See full details here


Split-Day Training BrochureDownload Brochure




Advanced Action CoachingAdvanced Action Coaching

4 x 3 hr sessions

See full details here


Advanced Action Coaching BrochureDownload Brochure




If you would like to discuss further, please contact our director for personal tuition, Charmaine Burke.

Mobile: 0401 059 934

Thank you!